“I’ve never seen that many people baptized at one time!” observed Aaron Anderson.

Fabiola's baptism

If you were here with us on Sunday, February 5, you were a part of a special, even, super Sunday as 11 people were baptized! What a remarkable day it was.

Watching these believers testify of their faith in Christ was inspiring. Sitting among the witnesses was suspenseful as it seemed like they just kept coming.

Do you remember the popular radio program by Paul Harvey? It was called The Rest of the Story. Harvey would tease the listeners with a tidbit about some interesting story and then take a break and back up and fill you in on things you likely didn’t know. At the end, he’d say “and know, you know the rest of the story.”

Here are some aspects of Sunday’s baptism celebration that you may not have known.

We baptized 11, ranging in age from 6 to 60 years old.

They represented four different countries: the United States, Mexico, Cuba, and Puerto Rico.

Two were siblings. Two were cousins. Two were husband and wife. Two made the decision to be baptized during the worship gathering on February 5, just minutes before the time of baptism.

Ten of them were influenced by the Spanish ministry of New Vida, though four of the ten speak English as their first or only language.

One of them has already led at least two others to choosing to follow Jesus in the last three months.

At least two of them are already talking to others about following Jesus and being baptized.

In November, Pastor Malcolm Tyree challenged us with the goal to see 10-15 baptisms in 2017. When the goal of 10-15 was first written in the early part of November, Pastor Malcolm did not know that two would be baptized on November 20, two more on December 25, and 11 on February 5. Right now, there are at least three who have expressed interest in our next baptism celebration, April 16. How many more will God bring into our midst? Let’s join together in prayer and witness to God’s calling of men and women to follow him and their responses.

Continue to pray for Abdiel, Ceci, Fabiola, Sarahita, Yliza, Carlos, Dadney, Salvador, Emily, Bradley, and Josh as they take their next steps of faith. Pray also for those who will follow in their steps.

Who knows but by the end of the year, maybe we will be asking the question Dee Longino asked after hearing about the 11 baptisms, “Any water left in the baptismal [pool]?”