Welcome to New Vida Church of God

Dos Lenguas • Two Languages • One Church • Una Iglesia

Our congregation is is intentionally English and Spanish as we attempt to live out the kingdom of God. You may wonder what does it look like to be both languages. Are your worship services bi-lingual? Do you need to speak both languages?

We host two worship gatherings each Sunday.

The English Worship Gathering features a full band leading us in songs of praise, celebration, reflection, and adoration. The teaching is presented in a way that whether you are seeking, new, or seasoned in the faith, you can be challenged to continue growing.

The Spanish Worship Gathering features many of the same elements as the English Worship Gathering, with more time for corporate prayer and usually food following the gathering.

Our gatherings both happen at 11am, but in separate spaces, addressing the distinct needs of the the attendees.

We come together to provide care and instruction for babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers, elementary, middle school, and high school students. Our ministry efforts to those under 18 are done principally in English.